Chicago Biofuels was started as a non-profit organization in 2006 by diesel car owners frustrated by the lack of biodiesel availability in the Chicago area.  We became the focal point for renewable fuel education and promotion, and worked with biodiesel producers to offer B100 to the public. We also worked with restaurants to collect used vegetable oil and refine it for use in diesel vehicles that were retrofitted to use straight vegetable oil for fuel.  In 2010, the nonprofit dissolved and Pete Probst and Rob McHugh formed Chicago Biofuels, LLC. The two partners have a wide range of experience relating to renewable fuels which includes over 2000 hours of lab experience, production of over 4000 gallons of ASTM spec biodiesel and hundreds of hours spent educating the public through classroom education and public talks.  

Our Philosophy

The fact is that the world is running out of cheap, easily available fossil fuels. Couple that with carbon emissions causing global warming and we have a serious challenge on our hands.

Our goal is to find the best ways to utilize energy sources that are local and renewable. There is no silver bullet but more of a silver buckshot that will lead us into a renewable energy future.

Chicago Biofuels is focused on long term growth that benefits our community and environment.