Restaurants and Cafeterias

Chicago Biofuels is teaming up with local restaurants and biodiesel producers to build a network of businesses working together to make Chicago more fuel independent. How does this work? As a partner of Chicago Biofuels, you are helping support renewable energy projects in the community. In return for your used vegetable oil, your establishment will receive materials to share with your patrons about this recycling program. You will also receive a quarterly carbon offset report detailing how much petroleum you've directly displaced by working with us.

What if you don't own or restaurant or produce used vegetable oil? Next time you are at your favorite restaurant, ask where their used vegetable oil goes. Encourage them to contact us if it's not already going towards renewable fuel production.

How you fit in

Biodiesel is a low cost, readily available renewable fuel that is ready to use in any diesel vehicle. This is in contrast to other alternative fuels such as electric, compressed natural gas or ethanol vehicles that require modifications to vehicles and specialized delivery systems. We're not implying that these other resources are unimportant, just that biodiesel is a low hanging fruit as far as sustainable fuel is concerned. As a restaurant owner or chef, you have a choice in deciding what happens with your used vegetable oil. Most used oil winds up in animal feed, cosmetics, landfills, or gets shipped overseas. We ensure that your used vegetable oil goes directly to local biofuel producers. Your organization will help curb petroleum usage, harmful diesel emissions and global warming.

Our oil collection service is free of charge. Your establishment will also receive marketing materials to let your patrons know about your partnership in the Chicago Biofuels Sustainability Network.

Once we start oil collections we will track the volumes and give you a quarterly carbon offset reports detailing the amount of petroleum you have directly displaced with your used vegetable oil.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the sustainability network, please fill out the information below or contact us through email or phone. We can't make a difference without your help! Together we can work towards a carbon free Chicago!